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Jay Adkins has earned the reputation of being a staunch defender of DWI charges in Rochester, Minnesota and surrounding areas. Jay uses every tool of the trade, from pre-trial motions to settlement negotiations, to trial advocacy, to win the best possible results for his clients in criminal DWI/DUI, implied consent (driver’s license revocation), license plate impoundment, and vehicle forfeiture cases. In particular, Jay brings to bear on every case deep legal knowledge of DWI law and scientific knowledge of blood, breath, and urine testing that other area attorneys, including prosecutors, simply cannot match. Jay’s knowledge, skill, creativity, and attention to detail have resulted in clients whose livelihoods, families, and futures have been saved by countless favorable outcomes to impaired driving-related cases.

DWI/DUI and other impaired driving cases often have short, critical deadlines in which delay can be impossible to repair. Hiring the right lawyer can make all the difference. If you’ve been involved in an impaired driving incident, contact Jay Adkins today.

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