Client Reviews

Here are some reviews from our previous clients


“Jay Adkins is absolutely a god sent. He is so quick and efficient and makes sure your needs are met to the fullest. He keeps you completely informed and is so professional. He can get you the outcomes you never imagined. I will always recommend him to anyone for the rest of my life!”


“I had a fantastic experience working with Jay Adkins. He is excellent at communicating and provided clarity when it came to legal terms that I struggled to understand. His honestly throughout the entire process was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend this firm, and Jay Adkins to anyone seeking legal counsel.”


“Jay Adkins exceeded my expectations with my order for protection case every step of the way. He listened thoroughly to my back story, kept me informed of developments, and reviewed all available options. Jay was a perspicuous attorney allowing me to make decisions with ease during a stressful time. I can’t say enough good things about him and his firm.”


“I was almost to the point of giving up and settling with my case but because of Mr. Adkins he opened my eyes to the fact that there was a different path and outcome that I could take that would benefit my life to the fullest! He showed me there was a positive outcome with my situation when I truly believed that that wasn’t destined for my case!…”


“Jay Adkins was very professional as well as motivated to get me through a really hard and stressful time. Thanks to his hard work and knowledge I was able to get my case resolved quickly and better than I would have ever anticipated.”


“Jay Adkins is truly an incredible attorney and in many ways helped save my life. Keep doing great things for great people that sometimes make mistakes. This work takes a particularly special, talented, understanding, and compassionate person, all of which Jay exemplifies. I’ve already referred to friends and will continue to do so. Thank you.”


“Jay is a great lawyer. I’ve acquired his services recently and was thoroughly satisfied. I will mention, I believe, we resolved the case with the one of the best possible outcomes. I acquired his services online and all of that was relatively easy. I had a case in southern Minnesota. Myself coming from minneapolis he was very accommodating. I feel I was not a very needy client. In saying that, I still feel he made him self very available. There were a couple of times I contacted him on off hours and he responded anyways. I only contacted him through phone and email until my court date and felt comfortable with our interactions. Jay always made me feel he had my best interests in mind. When I asked the probability of success I felt he was very truthful with me. I felt 50% chance and Jay felt we had a 30% chance to win. I appreciate his honesty. I feel Jay was worth the expense. He worked several avenues to try and get our case to come out in our favor.”


“My attorney represented me in all aspects of my case. Pretrial, discovery, and negotiated a plea agreement. I am satisfied with his performance and feel that he was genuine in his zeal and dedicated in his pursuit of defending me to his best ability. My personal opinion is that he (my attorney) went above and beyond the normal responsibilities for the case. He was responsive to my questions, was available to me via phone and email and I know that he had to make many calls, emails and court appearances with the prosecutor to get this case resolved. I give my highest recommendation for his work, and would highly recommend him in the future to any one facing the American Judicial system in Olmsted County.”

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